About Arknights – Role-Playing Game for PC

In Arknights, you play doctor in an intense tower defense RPG game! You and Amiya team up as members of the Rhodes Island pharmaceutical company to rid Terra of a debilitating disease. Recruit operators, train, and deploy them to save the world from further chaos.

Also, a tower defense role-playing game as complex as Arknights would need more storage and RAM to run smoothly. While high-tier mobile devices can carry this, lags and glitches would be inevitable for low-tier and mid-tier mobile devices.




While Studio Montagne and Hypergryph did a great job in developing a well-structured gameplay, it cannot be denied that playing a fast-paced action game like Arnights on PC will be a better experience. The mouse and keyboards offer more flexible controls. You can set up hotkeys for a customized playstyle but it may be unnecessary because playing Arknights on PC needs mouse controls for 95% of the time.

So take your gameplay to the next level with a bigger screen and a mouse. Playing Arknights on PC is more beneficial, especially for beginners. With a PC, it’s easier to multitask—like reading a guide while playing simultaneously. And if free guides and tips are what you are looking for, feel free to browse through our knowledge base and other resources!