Arknights Gets Three New Operators on Latest Patch

This year, the official Twitter page of the acclaimed strategy/tower defense game Arknights teased three new operators coming to the game. The new operators expand the roster of the EN version of the game to 142. The term operator pertains to the characters in this tower defense game who act as the towers or defenders for those who are new to the game.

There are two types of operators in Arknights. The first type is melee, which, as the name of the category suggests, specializes in close-quarter combat and is usually deployed on melee tiles located in the lower ground. The second type, called Ranged, is capable of long-range attacks and placed on higher ground.

Whichever type an operator belongs to, each one comes with his or her own unique set of attributes, skills, and specialties. With that out of the way, let us proceed on our overview with the recently launched operators for Arknights.

Arknights Thorns – Rhodes Island Operator

Thorn is a front-line operator for Rhode Island. This operator is a master swordsman with expertise in pharmacology. Thorns can execute a devastating ranged attack that deals 80% damage to his normal attack. With his pharmacology expertise, Thorns can use his Nerve Corrosion talent to poison his targets during attacks, which doubles the effect if the target is a ranged character. Thorns’ HP also generates every second every time he is idle. Thorns come with three skills, the first one called ATK Up y can boost his offensive attacks.


Arknights Thorns


Next is the Protective Spikes that dramatically increases his ATK and DEF attributes. Thorns will refrain from attacking the enemy if the skill is active.However, if hit by the enemy’s attack, long-range spikes will automatically launch from the character, causing group damage to the closest army in range. Thorn’s third skill, called Supreme Arts, can boost his capacity, ATK, and ASPD for a short period. The best part of this skill is the increase in effect that doubles after every activation.


  • Attack Up y
  • Protective Spikes
  • Supreme Arts


  • Can inflict long-range damage of 80% of his normal attack


  • Nerve Corrosion
  • Echoes of Ancestral Waves

Arknights Andreana – Rhodes Island Operator

Anrdreana is the bodyguard of Operator Incandescence. This Iberia borne operator is an expert sniper trained by professionals. Andreana’s skills include ATK Up y that functions like Thorns’ and Interdictive Sniping Tactics that can slow down enemies, increase ATK, and prioritizes enemies with a specific HP percentage.


Arknights Andreanan


One of her most relevant traits is that she can prioritize enemies with the lowest DEF attribute. Unlike Thorns that comes with three talents, Andreana only comes with a single skill called Abyssal Intuition. With this unique talent, all abyssal hunters will have a boost in Attack Speed.


  • ATK Up y
  • Interdictive Sniping Tactics


  • Enemies with low DEF attributes are priority targets.


  • Abyssal Intuition

Arknights Jaye – Rhodes Island Operator

Jaye is another Rhodes Island operator as a lungemen seafood hawker. According to his bio, Jaye was introduced by officer Hoshiguma. It was also immediately accepted as an operator after his test. This operator features two skills; the first one, called Shell splitter, can silence the target for a while and increase his attack when active. The second called Sashimi Platter, also increases his ATK and heals surrounding allies when active.


Arknights Jaye


Jaye also has reduced redeployment time but does not refund for his DP cost upon retreat. Again, this character automatically backs out of battle when DP is insufficient. His talent called Anatomy Master boosts his attack when facing infected enemies.


  • Shell Splitter
  • Sashimi Platter


  • Reduced redeployment time


  • Anatomy Master

Smooth Operators in Arknights

Arknights is an innovative game that represents the evolution of the Tower Defense subgenre. The integration of Tower Defense mechanics and the Gacha system proved to be an effective concoction that made the game less “grindy.” As a result, Arknights has managed to reel in over 40 million players as of April 2020, which is a phenomenal achievement for a 1-year-old free-to-play game. The best part of this game is the continuously growing roster of operators that makes the game even more diverse and immersive at the same time.

With that in mind, if you are a fan of the tower defense subgenre, then, Arknights is going to be worth your while. So if you think you have what it takes to take the amnesiac doctor’s role, then try this game! Feel free to download, install, and play Arknights on your PC today. Also, see this gameplay guide here for more fun tricks and tips in the game!